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Tricia and I adopted Lingo from the Nebraska Humane Society in October, 2008. He's a chocolate lab mix, about a year and half old when we adopted him. He's about 55 pounds and fully grown, a bit smaller than a typical lab. The first time I brought him to the vet I had to fill in his name, so I listed him as "Rex Count Saint Lingo Rumplestiltskin VanDam VanDam" as a goof. Now he gets mail to the house with his full name and titles. Hilarious.

laying down Lingo lies down, awaiting something. He's not sure what.
wanting food Lingo stands in the kitchen, hoping something falls off the counter.
wants to go out Lingo stands at the door to the octagon, waiting to be let out.
Hansom Park Neighborhood, south A shot of our neighborhood, facing south on the sidewalk in front of the house. Lingo gets many walks here.
Hansom Park Neighborhood, north The neighborhood, facing north. The neighborhood is called 'Hanscom Park' if you're proud of the city. It's called 'Field Club' if you're a bit snobby and want an association to tell you what color you can paint your hosue. It's called 'Lady of Lourdes' (the local Catholic parish) for many.
trots Lingo is on the move, in the living room in front of the fireplace. He's always moving.
inside the house Local inside environment.
sniffing for food Lingo sniffs for food in the front yard.

Here is Lingo staring in his own action movie. The movies were made while Tricia was visiting her sister in Oregon so she could feel like she was home.

Here he is in his second movie.

Lingo fancies himself an action star, so here's an outdoor action short. The funny part of this film is when I throw him a ball and it mistakenly goes over the hill in the front yard and I go trotting after him. He returns, heroically, with the ball.

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