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South Dakota (and some Nebraska), summer 2010
The Badlands The Badlands.
The Badlands The Badlands. Actually, not so bad after all.
The Badlands Panoramic of The Badlands.
Tricia at Badlands Tricia at The Badlands, apparently about to do The Robot.
buffalo A shot of buffalo taken from the car. There were hundreds of them.
Carhenge Holy smoke! Did they go to southern England? No. An enterprising soul in northwestern Nebraska buried a bunch of cars and various scrap metal in the ground. They call it Carhenge. It's actually pretty cool, but it's off the beaten path, to say the least.
Carhenge Carhenge.
Carhenge Mark playing atop Carhenge.
Carhenge Carhenge.
Carhenge driving An old steering wheel at Carhenge allows you to drive a Nebraska cornfield. It's a wild ride.
Tricia at Carhenge Tricia ponders Carhenge.
Carhenge The last one of Carhenge.
Stavkirke The Chapel in the hills , in Rapid City, South Dakota
Tricia at Stavkirke Tricia at the Chapel in the Hills. There is grass on the roof, we were told, so livestock can feed on it.
Nebraska cornfield A Nebraska cornfield. We saw plenty of these.
Crazy Horse Tricia considers Crazy Horse. The face is about 80 stories high, and we are about 1000 feet from the mountain. This is really something to see, and the documentary-style movie they show there is top-notch.
Custer State Park Jim, Mark, and Tyler amble near a creek in Custer State Park.
grasslands Scene of the high plains, grasslands.
Mark at Rushmore Mark at Mt. Rushmore.
Mark on Rushmore Mark on Mt. Rushmore.
Tyler at Rushmore Tyler at Mt. Rushmore.
Tyler on Rushmore Tyler on Mt. Rushmore. The future, revealed.
Mark and Tricia Mark and Tricia at Custer State Park, self portrait.
Lake McConaughy Mark at the shores of Lake McConaughy in western Nebraska.
mountain road A bit of the road cut out of the mountain in the Black Hills.
The Needles The Needles in Custer State Park, South Dakota. This is about 6000 feet elevation.
Nebraska Nebraska.
Ogallala A Conoco parking lot in Ogallala, NE. In August 2003 I had a freak fall and broke my leg on the very spot I'm standing on. That day was planned to be a drive through of the only time I'd ever been in Nebraska, but I ended up staying about a week in the North Platte Regional Medical Center while they fixed up my broken bones.
Tricia, Kait, Tyler Tricia, Kait, and Tyler enjoying the public art of bronzed presidents on the streets of downtown Rapid City, SD. Unlike your bronzed baby shoes, the presidents are not actually interred in the bronzes.
Rushmore Mount Rushmore from the car.
Rushmore One of the first views of Mount Rushmore upon approach.
Rushmore Overlook An overlook leading to Mount Rushmore, Tyler and Jim.
Rushmore Overlook Tricia at the Rushmore overlook.
Pinched heads, Rushmore Pinching the heads at Mount Rushmore.
Rushmore The tourist promenade at Mount Rushmore.
Tricia at Rushmore Tricia ponders life without Mount Rushmore. Honestly, it's about the same with or without.
Tricia Tricia + corn.
Donky Wild donkeys come to the car to get snacks in Custer State Park at the Begging Burro site.
Donkey Tricia leads the way.
Tyler and Donkey There is only one donkey in this picture.
Wind Cave Scenery at Wind Cave National Park. The pics inside the huge cave didn't turn out well.

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