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First family pictures, November 2010. Tricia is preggo! These are the first pics of our firstborn, before the little one is born. We will not learn if it's a boy or girl until the birthday, and we're not talking about the names we're considering. Everything is going really well. Tricia is due toward the end of April. We are pumped!
week 10 The very first image, at week 10. The little blob in the upper left lobe is the baby.
week 19 arms Week 19, arms. This one is my favorite. Baby's left arm is raised overhead. I think Junior is exasperated.
week 19 face Week 19, face.
week 19 hand Week 19, hand.
week 19 profile Week 19, profile.
week 19 profile Week 19, profile.
week 19 toes Week 19, toes.

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Last modified: 02 January 2011

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